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In memory of JoJo Winston

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest JoJo on October 8, 2005 and passed away on April 30, 2007. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

JoJo was a gift for my daughters 21st birthday.  She had talked alot lately about getting a bassett hound and when the occasion came up that I could get JoJo, I jumped at it.

I was going to surprise her with him but he couldn't wait and when I opened the front door, she had just gotten out of her car and he ran straight into her arms.  The shocked look on her face was priceless.

She loved him from the start as we all did.

He was such a character.  He did not know he was a dog.  And if he did think he was a dog, then he sure must have thought he was a Chihuahua because he would jump in your lap or climb on your back if you were laying down like it wasn't nothing.  He was also very skilled at stealing food as most Bassett hounds are.  He could steal something off the counter and you would never know it was missing.  Not until you went into the laundry room and had to trip over the bowls and packages that he had stolen.

He was best friends with my two boston terriers.  They played constantly.  CJ was an escape artist and could run you down as soon as you opened the front door.  He taught his skill to JoJo.  JoJo would position himself just right and wait for the door to open and then take off running.

He would knock you over if you were in the way.

Then he decided he wanted to chase cars.  We tried our best to keep him in the back yard and the house but he would still get out and if a car was going by he would chase it before we could get him back in.

April 30th will forever be etched in my heart.

The kids were outside playing and one child opened the door and he ran out.  I tried to catch him but he was a master at playing "catch me if you can". 

I rounded up all the kids and took them inside for lunch.

I went back out to get him and he was just sitting there.

Just then I heard the truck.  I looked at him and he looked at me.  I screamed "stop JoJo" but he just kept running.

He would have made it but the truck was pulling a trailer and the trailer ran over him.  I had made it to the road just when he got hit.  The truck never stopped.  We live on a residential road and it just circles around and these people do yard work in the neighborhood.

They  just kept going.  I picked him up out of the road and walked him to the ditch.  I told him it would be ok, that I would get him help.  I ran back in and got my cell phone and ran back out to the ditch.  I called my mom to come over so that I could take him to the vet.  I babysit and I had 5 kids in the house and could not leave.

While I was talking to her, JoJo took his last breaths.

I told her that it was to late.

I sat there in the ditch with JoJo as the truck that killed him drove back by on their way out.  Still, they never stopped.  I know it was JoJo's fault.  But they could have stopped.  My mom called my husband and son and they took off work and came home to bury him.

He died exactly one year after my daughter did.

Holli only lived for two months after her birthday.  She was killed by a drunk driver.  JoJo was her pride and joy for those two months.  She joked that she would bring him over for doggy daycare when she got her in her trailer.

Until then he stayed with me.

She never got to take him home.  But she was here with him constantly.  She came over every morning, at lunch and then every evening.  She worked at a vets office. 

She loved animals. 

I Just tell people that Holli wanted him to be with her.  She let us keep him for a year and then decided it was time for her to spend some time with him.

Rest in peace my dear JoJo.

I will love you always